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doctorA lot of reason becomes for the prevention and the treatment of deseases of prostate. The previous week was dedicated in the deseases of prostate from the World Organism of Health.

Generally is a taboo to the men, with regard to visit an urologist in order to examine their prostate. It is however a bias capable to puts us in troubles, that can cost us a life? I believe It’s foolish nowdays to dies somebody from cancer of prostate. When someone visits his urologist after 50’s each year and makes a PSA TEST, then cancer, can be diagnosed in time and of course it can be cured.

Also a PSA TEST can detects the cancer even when this cannot be felt with a finger examination. It is pity therefore that we persist in barren biases, that can turn out fatal. When the men enter in the age of 45 years, the prostate progressively begins to grow in size, making the urination particularly difficult. The last developments around the confrontation of the problem bring to us a revolutionary surgical method, Turis where it becomes transurethral prostatectomy with the use of bipolar current and saline, offering exceptional advantages to the patient. What means practically this? That he can withdraw from the hospital the next day of intervention, without catheter this is very important as he returning at the same time in his daily activities without the required recovery.

The method Turis is applied with exceptional success roughly 3 years offering big alleviation in the men’s population that has already been cured with this technique. A fable that exists regard to the surgical intervention of prostate, is that the sexual life of the patient will be influenced. With the new techniques, this does not exist. On the contrary the errection is much better afterwards the intervention. Bottom line all men, can with the new surgical techniques for the protector, to improve their quality of life without lose their sexual activity.