Interview by Dr.Kiriakos St.Mprempos Surgeon Oyrologos Andrologos

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doctorWhen the men enter in the age of 45 the prostate progressively grows in size, making the urination particularly difficult. The last developments around the confrontation of the problem bring to us a revolutionary surgical method, TURIS where it becomes transurethral prostatectomy with the use of bipolar current and saline, offering exceptional advantages to the patient. What means practically this? That he can withdraw from the hospital the next day of intervention, without catheter – this is very important as he is returning at the same time in his daily activities without required recovery.The method Turis is applied with exceptional success for 4 years in Europe and the last 4 years in Greece, offering big alleviation in the men’s population that has already been cured with this technique.

– What we mean saying hypertrophy of prostate ?
– The hypertrophy of prostate has direct relation with the age, and all men at some time in their life will face this. What happens is that the prostate begins to grow in size, from the age of 45 and, in proportion 4 in the 10 will be forced to surgery.It is an important percentage that it has to make with the phenomena that causes the hypertrophy of prostate.The prostate grows in the region of urethra, closes the pipe and this has as result of being a not easy task for the patient to urinate. Thus in this case, with base the clinical and laboratorial control, we move in intervention or in pharmaceutical therapy.

– What should therefore be careful one entering in the age of 45 years?
– In this age it is still very early, the hypertrophy of prostate hardly begins. The first symptoms come usually afterwards the 55, more seldom under this age in a percentage 4-5% only. certain preventive metres do not exist in which it can resort each man.It is something inevitable, the protector afterwards the 45 begins to grow. The symptoms however that supposed to worry are nyktoyria, when the patient needs above 3-4 times the evening in order to go to the toilet, the difficulty to the urination, the interrupted urination and relapsing lower urinary tract infections. In a lot of men because of the remain urine in the urinary bladder,they face frequent lower urinary tract infections.

– Are certain examinations preventively forecasted ? -After 50’s each man should make a check at his surgeon with the PSA that relates with the cancer of the prostate, as also and a ultrasound in order to is determined the size.

– What becomes with those that can’t avoid the surgery ?
– Various techniques exists that are applied for the confrontation of hypertrophy of prostate, most modern however is Turis, where we make transurethral prostatectomy using bipolar current and saline. The advantage of this method is very big against the other, previous methods, because the time where the surgery take place we have the possibility of very good haemostasis as with the laser, that was the advisable technique until 2 years ago for the blood-free confrontation of hypertrophy of protector. With the laser also we cannot take tissue for biopsy examination because it disappears the tissue, on the contrary with the new technique we have already the possibility of sending material. As you can understand therefore this is particularly important because always when we intervene in a body surgicaly we want to have a biopsy for the benefit of the patient.

– Are there any other advantages?
– Of course and this is the rapid recovery. The patient is in position to withdraw from the hospital the same day of intervention and without catheter. In the previous intervention, classic TURP, the patient should remain 2-3 days in the hospital and keep 4-5 days the catheter. Comparatively with other methods it is an enormous difference for the tolerance of the patient and the easy to do.

– Can you describe to us the processes that are followed before and at the duration of the surgery ?
– The patient comes the same day in the hospital foodless , doing the preoperative control and after 2-hour roughly that we take the results he enters surgery. Afterwards the intervention we enter the catheter and the next day is removed, we give certificate of discharge and the patient can return regularly in his activities. As long as it concerns the method, it is a classic surgical intervention in which we can use various types of anesthesia, or general, or dorsal, or epidural, depending on the profile of patient. The intervention depending on the size of prostate lasts around 0,5-1,5 hour. We enter via the urethra, with a special tool that is endoscope and with the camera we can see inside the prostate, the surgery becomes a reality via the camera. There is no inction in the abdomen, consequently there is no sutures. Entering in we chop the prostate in pieces which we resorb afterwards and open the region of urethra which was enclaved from the big prostate.
– Is the sexual life of patient influenced afterwards the intervention?
– Absolutely no repercussion in the sexual life of the patient. This is just a fable, that prostatectomy seated sexually inactive the man. On the contrary the errection is much better afterwards the intervention.
– Can the method be applied in all cases of patients?
-Precisely, in all cases.
– And is the problem of hypertrophy of prostate untied finally?
– Yes , in order to its results begin to start growthing again it needs 20 years and that in this case it will not create symptoms that the patient had before the intervention.
– Are there any certain do rules which it should applied after the intervention?
– The only rule here is to not raise big weight and for 10 with 15 days to not have sexual contact.